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Creating Interactive Digital Content can be challenging to develop & expensive, but it does help your business in increasing user engagement and capturing more leads

Campaignware helps brands engage with their social audience and grow their email list – through a vast range of digital content campaigns, including gamified quizzes, trivia, polling, surveys, user-generated content, and more

You can Convert your audience with:

  • Product finder
  • Product configuration
  • Pricing comparisons
  • Order forms

Who will use this?

  • Consumer Businesses
  • Business to Business
  • Live Events
  • Sport Events


Embed Anywhere

When your campaign is ready to be promoted, Campaignware’s embed functionality makes it easy to engage your audience wherever you have an online presence.  
Use our simple embed code for your website. It’s as easy as dropping in a YouTube video.

Drive traffic from your emails, offline channels or any of your social media platforms.

Analytics & Pixel Tracking

Track conversion rates and Leads Scoring through Campaignwareware’s unique tracking technology, providing end-to-end data on whether a campaign entrant completed your conversion goal. Giving you a complete picture of your ROI or qualified leads to your sales team.

GDPR compliant Data

The GDPR protects European citizens and residents from data misuse and abuse as well as careless data practices. Campaignware collects rich zero-party data from your audiences, make your Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions permanently visible in all campaigns for additional compliance.


Campaignware uses Zapier to connect to over 2000 applications including Mailchimp, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Twilio, Slack, Google Drive and many more. Connect with one click to transfer your captured leads or form data to the rest of your marketing stack.

Use Webhooks to connect to unique data providers, or Live Feeds to connect real time scores to big screens in stadiums or live events.


This deal gives lifetime access starts at $49 with 100 Leads per Month,1 Workspace


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