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Artificial intelligence writes all the copy for your next marketing campaign.

Why CloserCopy?

These are the some features to use this:

Artificial intelligence

Write copy, fast: We use artificial intelligence to write blogs, sales letters, emails …and so much more!


Write sales pages, blogs and articles:- Longform continuously writes copy. No limits, no filters, no restrictions.Start with an open-ended sentence to nudge AI into a direction, smash the write button and sit back & relax.


Use 300+ plug & play marketing frameworks:- Fill out a text box and let AI write your ads, outlines, social media posts and a lot more


Use 30+ plug & play marketing workflows:- Work your way through connected marketing frameworks in a step-by-step fashion.


Identify weaknesses:- Unveil the emotions your copy conveys, fix long-winded and passive sentences, check the density of your keywords or find out if your next email campaign goes to spam.


Write copy, step by step:- Be guided by the wizard and write a full sales letter in minutes. Hand-curated templates enhanced with insights and expert advice to remind you what’s important when writing direct response copy.


Collaboration included:- Set up your team, and pass your new superpower to your team mates. It’s as simple as assigning a project to a team member.


Lookup synonyms without switching tabs


Build your own swipe file:- Professionals like you save their copy gems as reusable templates. Store them in your personal library and reassemble your copy fast.


  • Professional Lifetime – $267 / one-time
  • Unlimited Lifetime – $397 / one-time
  • Founders:- Nico Engler
  • SEO Traffic:- 2
  • Domain Authority (DA):- 22


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