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Doopoll - all-in-one survey platform

Doopoll is the all-in-one survey & forms platform that makes getting feedback a breeze with beautiful surveys that get 3x more responses. Track responses in real-time. Get fast insights with autogenerated charts. Plus, the analytics dashboard gives you instant insights into your data.


  • Get 3x more responses with the easy-to-use survey builder that is designed for conversion.
  • Hundreds of templates: From Net Promoter Score (NPS) feedback, to Event feedback, to Employee surveys, and many more.
  • Unlimited sharing options – use as many as you like. Share by Email, QR code, social media or grab the link.
  • See your survey responses in real-time and use the presenter screen for big events and webinars.


Create Beautiful Conversion Optimized Surveys That Get 3x More Responses

Doopoll has removed all of those unnecessary things and distractions other tools put in your way, so you can get as many responses as possible.

Creating a survey is easy, you can either start from scratch in the drag & drop editor or use one of the hundreds of templates to start your survey.

Simple Question Types, Beautifully Designed For Any Device

With doopoll, you get question types that humans really respond to. In fact, doopoll surveys get 3-4x more responses because they’re easy to use.

Hundreds Of Survey Templates Designed By Survey Experts

Doopoll offers pre-written templates that are tailored towards specific types of surveys.

Track Responses Over Time, Place Or Group With Repeatable Surveys

One of the most powerful features of doopoll: see how your respondents change over time or place or group with repeatable surveys.

Share Your Surveys Anywhere, Fast & Easy

Unlimited sharing options – use as many as you like. Share by Email, QR code, social media or grab the link and collaborate with your whole team.

Analyze Results Like You’ve Never Done Before With AI

Doopoll offers AI-based real-time sentiment analysis to get a feel for the themes and mood in seconds.

Export Your Results & Analysis As Clear Multi-Use Graphs And Charts

You can export your survey results and analysis into a beautifully designed chart or graph in one click. They’re perfect to weave into your Keynote or PowerPoint, or overlay onto a Word or PDF report you’re creating. doopoll also allows full dataset exports to .

Present Results In Real-Time

Project your results live on a big screen – great for panels and keynotes. Also perfect for webinars – just switch between your slides and doopoll.


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