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exod.ai - Facebook Ads automation Platform

With EXOD.ai you can launch, manage and optimize Facebook Ad campaigns in seconds by generating the targeting, ad copy, images, videos, and much more with AI. You can save tons of time by automating everything for you so that you can get back to doing what matters most – growing your business.


  • Powerful Facebook Ads automation platform to launch, manage and optimize your campaigns on autopilot.
  • EXOD.ai mass tests your ads and decides what to show to the best audience to generate the highest ROI.
  • Generate high-performing ad copy in multiple languages with AI, powered by GPT-3.
  • Use the EXOD.ai AI-targeting option to find the best target audience for your ads.

EXOD Is Taking Over Most Of The Tedious Daily Tasks Performed By Human Advertisers.

Limitless AI Creatives, Images And Videos For Your Ads

EXOD will dynamically test multiple images and videos in your campaign directly from the Shutterstock Database to determine which one gives you the greatest ROI.

How Does It Work?

When you create your EXOD account you have multiple choices, you can either use the simplified and strategic Facebook Ads Manager platform with various pre-created strategies, or you can let our Artificial Intelligence do the work for you.

The Artificial Intelligence will even create Ad Copies, images and videos for you if you don’t have any content pre-created.

You can also upload your content to the platform or have the Artificial Intelligence find the best performing content in your active or inactive campaigns and posts.

Step 1: Select Your Objective, Budget And Settings

Step 2: Select One Of Thousands Of Pre-Determined AI Niches To Target

Step 3: Let The EXOD AI Generate Ads

The platform will now generate the ads for you. Simply add a few details about the topic of your campaign, and the AI ad copywriting feature will generate copy for you.

Step 4: Edit And Adapt The Ads Where You Want

Step 5: Launch The Campaigns And Let EXOD Automatically Optimize The Campaigns For Highest ROI

The platform will now go into mass testing, to show the best performing ads most to the audience, and disable the ones that don’t perform.

Step 6: See The Ad Performance In A Dashboard That Is Simple And Easy To Use


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