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  • Genei is an artificial intelligence tool that helps you summarize articles & research papers, discover related articles, optimize note-taking, and highlights text for quick referencing.

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More Information about Genei

  • Genei’s dashboard welcomes you with the nested folder structure. You can then start adding resources in each of your folders. These resources can be webpages, blog posts, research papers, PDFs (either online, or you can upload one from your machine)
  • Once you add the resource, Genei will start summarizing it for you in the background while you keep adding more files.
  • Click any of the resources you’ve added, and on the right hand side you would see the AI-generated summary of the same. It’s so simple… As easy, peasy as that!!
  • Clicking any particular section of the summary will take you to the respective section of the original resources you’ve added. You can edit the summary manually as well.
  • In the very next tab to the summary section, you can write down the notes, just like you would when reading a book. Genei’s powerful A.I can also take notes for you.
  • Just select the paragraphs you’d like to add to your notes, from the resource & Genei will take care of the rest .The keyword section allows you to split the document based on keywords w.r.t date, time, country, organizations, people, etc.
  • With the search function (Ctrl/Cmd+F) you can find everything in the document with a semantic approach – Exact Match, Answer-to-Question Mode and Find Related Content.


  • Summarise any webpage, or PDF
  • Alternative to: Remnote
  • Extract Keywords & Arguments, Generate Original Notes
  • Best Suited for: Researchers, Content Writers, Bloggers


You’d normally spend 10-15 hours researching, and summarize a particular topic… Or, you’d be paying $100 ~ $300 to a researcher to do that for you.

Today, you can get lifetime access to Genei for UNLIMITED summaries for just $79/one-time.


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