GetBotz – Automatic content for Forums, Blogs, Social media accounts with Open AI



Choose your bots, and provide few details about what they have to manage.

Provide your OpenAI API to help them generate every type of content

Yes, that’s all. Now they will take care of your blog or community everyday. Chill 🥂

We’ve trained smartest bots to replace humans in the content industry. Let them manage your blog, scale community, design webstories, create videos or anything.

Designed to Replace Humans

We’re using 47+ different parameters to make the bots operate same way as normal people. Instead of designing perfect system – we want them to behave more like humans with their own identity.

You can rely on our bots

Building authority is all about trust & quality. GetBotz is not about content writing – but replacing human-part, with any AI content generator. To make it more personal, accurate and useful in real-life.

How about building a community forum with thousands of question-answers related to your industry? Let our bots help you.

From finding keywords to searching ideas to writing to images to … Oh man, have a break. Hire our smart bots to manage everything for you.

Web stories – The goldmine to get easy traffic with creative stories. But again, who has time to design those slides. By the way, our bots are excited to help.

Those TikTok, Reels or Youtube Shorts.. Love how easily they get viral on the internet. GetBotz army is here to design knowledge videos for you.

Building authority on Twitter is tough. Maintaining activity every single day – Twitter is greedy. 😬 Our bots can become your social media manager.

Linkedin… Nothing to say. Our BotArmy can take care of your profile with regular activities. So you can relax, while we scale your profile.

What can be done

  • Building Community
  • Blog Management
  • Web Story Designer
  • Short Video Studio
  • Twitter Management
  • Linkedin Automation


  1. What is entity – It can be Website, forum, Social media account
  2. Open AI – API charges are extra
  3. Admin access available for Humans? Yes
  4. Web hosting includes? Yes
  5. Entity can be changed? Yes


This deal provides lifetime access for $399


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