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There are some big challenges that all small and big entrepreneurs face regarding managing their businesses and employees.

These challenges at times can really burden and frustrate you.

Your business and the employees that help run it are both valuable assets that you possess.

Managing both of these well can exponentially increase the growth of your business as well as keep the “happiness quotient” of the employees at its peak.

Well, Humanagement Lifetime Deal has the capability to achieve this for you in no time.

Humanagement Lifetime Deal is a simple and powerful software platform to manage your employees.


Humanagement Lifetime Deal is stable software that will assist you in keeping all your business and employee stats, making policies, assigning tasks to employees, building business metrics, conducting staff training, and performing many such activities at the tap of your finger.


  • Simple software to manage employees and business
  • Alternative of WorkDay.
  • Revolutionary software loaded with features
  • Best For :- HR Management, Employee Requests, Business Metrics And Employee Training


  • HR Data
  • HR data will no longer be a burden, it will be simple and fast to access
  • Employee data will always be organizedFeatures
  • Employee Request
  • Employee requests can get missed owing to your busy schedule.
  • Wisemen enables employee requests in nice organized ways.
  •  Business Metrics
  • Managing business data in Excel and Google docs is cumbersome and manual.
  • Wisemen provides you with one intuitive place to see all business stats.
  • Employee Training
  • You train employees and they become important assets to you
  • Easily train your employees using this powerful software.
  • Approvals on Spending
  • Employees keep waiting for approvals and spending is put on hold.
  • This may result in hampering business targets and piling up work.


This deal provides lifetime access $39 for Knowledge Base & LMS


Of WorkDay.

Best For

HR Management, Employee Requests, Business Metrics And Employee Training

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