Leanbe – Customer Feedback and Product Roadmap Tool




Leanbe is a great tool to raise your business value and conversion rates by keeping in touch with your customers and creating long-term relationships with them.

Design an interactive newsfeed using Leanbe’s powerful Toolkit including in-app widgets, email notifications and feedback collection.


Collect and learn

  • Use idea boards to collect recommendations and feature requests from users
  • earn about users’ preferences through their voting history
  • Monitor customer feedback and reviews
  • Gather bug reports and improvement suggestions

Analyze and prioritize

  • Comprehensive analysis about users’ background, demographics, geolocation, journey with your product, engagement, voting history, and more
  • AI-assisted deep research and data-driven predictions on next steps in product development
  • Prioritization of feature requests through a mix of upvoting results and AI analysis

Build and measure

  • Build features, develop functions, fix bugs, release and test versions based on their priority
  • Share big news with your users in the form of emails or widget announcements, and ask what they think about recent updates
  • Evaluate the business impact of medium to big changes and improvements

Data analysis and feature prioritization

The AI will compare, match and study a list of factors, including both technical and behavioral ones. The result will be a prioritized list of feature requests, which will help you to build your product’s roadmap effectively.


Leanbe have got all the embed codes, plugins, and extensions for you to work on such platforms as WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Wix, Squarespace, and more!


Get Leanbe with price starts from $49.


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