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Linkilo is the internal linking tool that will save you hours every week, while giving your site a huge boost in search rankings.

The Linkilo plugin creates internal links between pages and posts on your WordPress website fully automatically.


  • Boost your SEO rankings with the WordPress plugin that builds internal links on autopilot.
  • Get automated link suggestions that include the content analysis, tags, categories, titles, headings, URLs & more.
  • Know what you’re doing right, wrong, and any opportunities you might have missed with the advanced link analysis.
  • Alternative to: Link Whisper, Autolinks Manager & Internal Link Juicer.


Get Automatic Link Suggestions As You Write And Add Internal Links In One Click

With Linkilo you can boost your SEO rankings in just minutes.

The tool will automatically find and suggest the best link based on your website’s content and what you are writing. It also auto-detects relevant and helpful internal links based on your website’s content.

Add External Links And Grow Your Sales On Autopilot

Simply add the websites you want to add as external link suggestions and that’s it.

This is perfect if you are using an affiliate marketing program and want to get more traffic to the partner’s website, increasing your sales on autopilot.

Know Where To Further Improve Your SEO With Link Reports And Audits

They provide several important pieces of information that will help with any missed opportunities or issues on the web pages and an overview of its structure in terms of internal links.

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings With Internal Link Building Automation

Linkilo helps you build internal links on autopilot, allowing you to boost your SEO rankings in minutes. 


Get the deal with lifetime access with price starts from $99.

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