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Listnr - Text to Speech Conversion Tool Using AI

Listnr is an easy-to-use text-to-speech conversion tool powered by AI. It helps you convert all your texts into a speech with human-sounding voices that you can choose from.

You can use Listnr as Voice-overs for your YouTube videos, blog posts, or Convert your E-book into an Audiobook. Easily embed your audio files into your blog post or website with code snippets!


  • Select over 100+ natural-sounding voices in 22+ languages and dialects.
  • Use Listnr to start a podcast, use as a voice-over for YouTube tutorials, or publish your audiobook.
  • Convert any text, blog post, news article to a human-sounding podcast.
  • Embed your audio in a customized player anywhere you want.

While you can easily get started with a Podcast now, Listnr allows you to convert and distribute your audio anywhere with commercial Broadcasting rights on platforms such as Google and Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and others.

There are over 100 voices available and new ones added frequently. Listnr has human-like voices in 22+ languages, dialects, and accents. Customize your player and the podcasts to match your brand style.
Use the Canva integration to design beautiful cover artwork in seconds. You can even embed the Listnr player anywhere on your website to increase the exposure of your audio content.

Customize your audio to make it indistinguishable from real human speech. Add pauses, change the tone, emphasis, and much more!

Why Listnr?

  • AI Voiceovers:
    Use Listnrs voices as Voice-overs for your YouTube videos, blog posts, or Convert your E-book into an Audiobook.
  • 100+ Voices:
    Choose from a wide variety of voices from English to Italian.
  • Hosting & Distribution:
    Convert and Distribute your audio anywhere with commercial Broadcasting rights.

Listnr Features:

Listnr helps you in Producing, Editing, and Hosting a podcast.

  • High Quality, Human Sounding Voices
  • Automatic RSS Feed of Your Podcast
  • Publish to any Podcast Hosting Platform
  • Social Sharing
  • Email Subscribers
  • Audio Analytics

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