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monthly Revenue(USD$): 501

Domain Authority: 20

What is MetaSurvey ?

MetaSurvey brings a whole new level of survey experience to the market. Alexander Isora, Founder & CEO. MetaSurvey helps us at PerfectPixel to get customer feedback and reduce churn. Very clear product.MetaSurvey provides user-friendly question types (NPS, Ratings, Multiple, Comment). All surveys are well adapted for all devices.Use MetaSurvey to gather product feedback, provide market research, validate ideas. 5-min need to create and share survey, poll or NPS.


MetaSurvey lets you create and share user-friendly surveys, polls, and NPS in 1-min. You can use MetaSurvey in different cases: to gather product feedback, get to know your customer experience, understand employee satisfaction, provide market research or validate high-risk ideas. Just send them a unique link or share on social. Analyze your weakness and power points in a clean dashboard, the best answers are highlighted. Our surveys look perfect on all devices but were specially adapted for mobiles and tablets. Your and respondents’ privacy is important: we collect answers anonymously.


Product Feedback

Swipe interaction for fast products review. Tinder-style cards boost completion rate to 88%.

Price Setting (Market Fit)

Know how much money customers are willing to pay for your products. Use multiple choice to find out.

Quality of Service

Get your customer’s opinion on checkout and shipment. Use Likert scale and comments.

Customer Satisfaction

Use NPS score to learn how satisfied your customers are, and if they are willing to recommend you?


  • Completed Surveys/Month: 1,500
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Unlimited Questions
  • Secure Surveys (SSL/HTTPS)
  • Export Results to CSV
  • Images & GIFS
  • CTA Buttons
  • Auto Redirect after completion
  • Survey Themes
  • Embedded Widget
  • Multiple Responses


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