Mondly – The Secret Path to Language Learning

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Country: Afghanistan

Learn languages fast and get ahead of everyone with Mondly.It combines conversation focused curriculum, speech recognition, and bite-sized lessons that will get you fluent faster, easier and smarter than any other language course.

Mastering a new language with Mondly is fun, fast, and easy. Solid neural science combines with cutting-edge technologies to get you talking new languages faster than anyone else.


Focus On Phrases, Not Individual Words

By focusing on common phrases, you will start memorizing the most common words, form sentences, and take part in conversations in minutes, not hours.

Listen To Native Speakers

Mondly works with professional native voiceover actors, and you will enjoy flawless pronunciations and natural accents.

Practice Real Conversations

Using a Chatbot with world class speech recognition and exclusive courses in Augmented Reality.

Solidify Your Knowledge Using a Unique Repetition System

Mondly uses tested and effective intervals for repetition that will help you to quickly learn new languages.


This deal provides 41 languages to learn from native language at $89 for lifetime.

  • Founder:- Alexandru Iliescu and Tudor Iliescu
  • Founded year:- 2013
  • SEO Traffic:- 2.4K
  • Employees:- 30
  • DA:- 55
  • Monthly Revenue:- 4.8K

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