NativeForms – The True, No-Code Form Builder-Lifetime Deal



Native Forms - no code form builder

NativeForms’ drag-and-drop interface lets you quickly design and publish various types of online forms, polls, surveys, questionnaires, calendar bookings, etc.


  • Create your Forms in less than a minute
  • Set up alerts on Slack & Discord, every time your forms are filled
  • Alternative to: Typeform, Paperform
  • Best suited for Website Owners, Digital Agencies, Marketers

To get started, NativeForms comes with a lot of pre-built templates catered to different needs.

Choose a template, add/edit questions based on your requirements and define your conditions. That’s pretty much it to start with your first form.

You can customize your form to match your branding needs, from the variety of color schemes built within. You will probably be building a lot of forms for several websites. With the Folder structure, you can keep them all organized in your account.

Native Forms comes with 30+ form types and a library of widgets that are useful for market research, sales leads, e-commerce, consultants, and more.

Once a form is built, you can either grab a native link to share across social media or mention in your newsletter (or) Email the form directly within your NativeForms dashboard (or) grab the iframe code and embed it anywhere.


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