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Post Planner is the social media scheduler that automates posts & SKYROCKETS engagement. We help people get more reach & engagement on their social media posts in less time.

Never run out of post ideas. Post Planner filters content from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, everywhere!… and gives you the best stuff. You just need to post it.


  • Automate your posting calendar
  • Boost reach with no extra work
  • Create network-optimized content
  • Tap into a firehose of content


AUTOMATED POSTS – Set your plan and forget it

Add posts in one click and fill you queue with attention-grabbing content.

EVERGREEN POST RECYCLING – Put your posts on recycle

Re-publish your best evergreen content automatically and reach more followers while you sleep.

SEAMLESS CROSS-POSTING – Tailor the perfect post for each network

You won’t have to wonder how posts will look when they publish. In Post Planner, you see a live preview as you create the post.

Post to Top 5 social networks

Share content to the 5 biggest platforms from one easy-to-use app.

With Post Planner, you can schedule posts to:

  • Facebook pages & groups
  • Instagram business accounts
  • LinkedIn profiles & pages
  • Pinterest accounts
  • Twitter profiles

Create a posting calendar

No more manual scheduling.Create a posting plan. Queue up posts in seconds.

  • Set your daily posting times
  • Manage your calendar visually
  • Edit, shuffle or pause anytime

Create a firehose of incoming content

Build a content gusher.Choose ANY topic, niche or industry.

  • Aggregate social media feeds into a single stream
  • Cherry-pick the best content
  • Follow streams curated by industry experts

Get access to thousands of quotes & questions

Search the web’s largest database of quotes & conversation-starters.

  • Search quotes by name, keyword or topic
  • Add quotes to your images & media
  • Share trivia, fill-in-the-blanks, seasonal posts
  • Get pre-written contests (fully customizable)

Manage all your assets in one place

Store & organize all your photos, videos and gifs in an easy-to-use Library.

  • Create customized folders by topic or brand
  • Upload all your files
  • Share with your team


This deal gives lifetime access for Post Planner was just $79 only.


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