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Your customers get frustrated when they have to wait in line for a longer time, even if your service is amazing.

Quelines is the next-generation queue management solution that enables your business to set up virtual lobbies and provide excellent customer service with shortened wait times.


  • Optimize wait times & Improve your visitors’ experience with Quelines
  • Alternative to: Qminder, Wavetec, Qtrac
  • Countdown Timer, SMS & Email Reminders, 3-way Communication Chat
  • Best Suited for: Retail Businesses, Service Providers, Digital Agencies, Sales & Marketing Professionals

Set up your first store by providing the basic details like Store Name, Contact No., Address with Zip Code, Time Zone, Coordinates.

Choose the Opening Hours of your business for every day of the week.

Generate a unique QR code for your location, and add the fields on the customer form based on the information you need from them, to send them reminders & notifications.

You can change the theme, upload your business Logo and hide Quelines Branding (Whitelabel) to match your brand tone easily. Your Quelines Dashboard gives you a wider view of Today’s Visits, Waitlisted Guests, Average Wait Times, and Overall Visits.

You can also share your store QR code on social media, or go old school to copy & print the same at your doorstep.

From your dashboard, you can check the number of people on the waitlist, and you can choose to take some actions including allowing the visitors sooner and/or letting ’em chat with each other.


Get lifetime access to Quelines price starting from $35.

Plans and Features

  • Unlimited Time Booking
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Role Management (User Permissions)
  • Insights on CX & Store Operations by Business Location
  • Automatic Email Reminders to the Customers
  • Automatic SMS Reminders (Only for North America users)
  • Flexible Schedule Management
  • Three-way Messaging (C2C, C2B, B2C)
  • Collect & Organized Customer Feedback
  • No Quelines Branding
  • Custom Branding
  • Export / Import Guest Data
  • One-time SMS Credits are applicable for North America only
  • API Access
  • Chat Support (B2B) Initial Setup
  • Ability to Switch between 5 Tiers
  • 60 days refund policy
  • P.S The refund option becomes void, if you’ve utilized the SMS credits

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