Rocket- Node.js SaaS boilerplate template with React.js




Rocket is a SaaS boilerplate for building production-ready apps with Node.js, React, and MongoDB. The app comes with built-in features including authentication, payments, UI integration and more.

Build your SaaS app with Rocket

Building a SaaS app from scratch takes time. You need to decide on what to build, pick a programming language, pick a web framework, pick a CSS framework. Save weeks of time implementing basic features like authentication and billing, and start working on your product instantly.

  • SaaS Landing page, React UI components, and API integration
  • Secure Authentication and User Management
  • Subscription payments with Stripe

Simple setup at zero cost

Rocket is a production-ready Node.js React boilerplate which can be customized to best suit your SaaS app. The code is structured in a modular fashion which makes it easy to understand and navigate. Also, adding new features and UI elements is much more simple by using the basic building blocks.


  • NODE.JS REST API – Rest API with validation and built-in docs. Protection against brute-force attacks.
  • NoSQL DATABASE – MongoDB object data modeling using Mongoose.
  • USERS & AUTHENTICATION – Advanced JWT authentication with protection against CSRF and XSS attacks.
  • USER MANAGEMENT – Manage users directly from the dashboard. No need to manually look into the database.
  • ERROR HANDLING – Centralized error handling mechanism and proper UI error display.
  • SUBSCRIPTION PAYMENTS – Integrated subscription management and billing system built with Stripe.
  • REACT UI – SaaS landing page, dashbord and React components. No design skills required.
  • PRE-BUILT UI COMPONENTS – Pre built components: forms, tables, modals, cards and more. Extremely easy to add and modify components.
  • RESPONSIVE TEMPLATES – Responsive UI built using tailwind CSS which works seamlessly across all devices.
  • SECURITY & PERMISSIONS – Manage permissions and restrict access for each user group.
  • TESTS AND CODE-COVERAGE – Unit and integration tests with coverage.
  • CODE QUALITY – Special focus on code quality for ease of understanding and better performance.

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