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What is Sales Simplify?

Sales Simplify is the single application that will allow you to manage your sales process in an efficient manner. It also helps you build schedules, manage your calendar, and track campaigns. It is powered by artificial intelligence and built with a robust CRM in mind. This app has been designed with the principle of simplicity and is built by people with a sense of humor who understand what drives sales to a fulfilling experience.


Take your sales to the next level with industry-leading, intuitive tools

We’ve made it so easy to keep track of sales with our intuitive interface! Sales are now fun—not just for the salesperson, but for everyone.

It is a one of its kind Sales Automation Tool which lets you access, manage and contact your leads in one place.

Create interactive experiences for your prospects — Get More Leads. It’s cool and has excellent UX.

We have built a super intuitive tool to simplify your customer management, sales processes and tasks, with straightforward features!

300+ Features

A deadly combination of CRM, Sales Intelligence and Business intelligence.

  • One place for all your leads, deals and contacts with auto enrichment.
  • Grab automated leads for your business with the Sales Simplify Chatbot on your website.
  • Track all tasks, events, meetings and activities in one place
  • Email open and click tracking, Smart email templates & Sales email notifications.
  • Create your own fields and organize your data to suit your needs 360 insight reports will reveal your business’s overall health and show you where you need to make changes.


Extremely Simple

Get up and running in just a few minutes. Drag And drop fun. Add deals quickly. Powerful filters. Avoid data entry errors.

Activity Driven

Schedule follow-ups, tasks, calls, emails and sync with your calendar easily. Track all tasks and activities in one place.

Unified & Organized

With a 360-degree customer view, you’ll know exactly what has been done and what needs to be done.

Sales Forecasting

Predict, how much a sales unit (salesperson, team, or company) is likely to sell in the next week, month, quarter, or year.


This deal provides lifetime access just at $109 with all above features.


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