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Screpy is an AI SEO tool for driving traffic to your website. Within seconds, Screpy will automatically scan your website, identify its strengths and weaknesses in terms of user experience & search engine optimization, then generate a report with actionable recommendations for improving both.


  • All-in-one SEO tool with easy-to-understand insights and recommendations. No technical knowledge required!
  • PageSpeed monitoring, website uptime monitoring, keyword tracking, ranking checker, AI-SEO recommendations and much more.
  • Step-by-step no-code SEO tasks to grow your ranking in the search engines.
  • Alternative to: SEMrush, Ahrefs, MOZ & SEranking.


The Only AI-Based SEO Tool That Provides You With Easy-To-Understand Optimizations To Skyrocket Your Rankings

Screpy is the only SEO tool you’ll need. The suite contains everything needed to optimize SEO.

From PageSpeed monitoring, Uptime monitoring, SEO monitoring, Keyword tracker, Syntax Checker, and the best part, it automatically generates easy-to-understand tasks on how to optimize further.

Auto-Generated Tasks That Will Help You Get Your SEO Score Up To 100%

The Auto-Generated Tasks will help you get your SEO score up to 100%. Screpy offers step-by-step tasks in detail with the potential for each of them, proven to boost your SEO rankings.

Analyze The Top 100 Rankings For Any Keyword In 229 Countries.

Simply add the keywords you want to rank for, and Screpy automatically keeps track of your ranking and the ranking of the top 100 search results. Screpy provides you with actionable tips to get you from position 60, to position 1 in the Google search results.

Monitor Your PageSpeed In Real-Time And Get AI-Based Personalized Solutions

PageSpeed is one of the most important ranking factors of 2021.

Improve Your Rankings With The Most Accurate SEO Reports

You don’t need to be an SEO expert for all this, Screpy has made everything as simple as possible for you!

Monitor Website Uptime And Get Instant Downtime Notifications

Get insights into the performance and uptime of your website(s). Screpy will contact you by mail if your site goes down and you can see the historical performance.


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