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Sturppy - Forecast Your Financial Statements

With Sturppy, you can create financial models, cash flow statements, etc. to your business plan, without having to spend time learning accounting.


  • Create a financial model & Forecast Financial Statements
  • Share the link to your report, with Investors & Stakeholders
  • Best Suited for: SaaS Companies, E-Commerce Stores, Mobile Apps
  • Alternative to: Finmark, Abacum, Fluxo

Getting started with Sturppy is quite easy.

  • Create a New Project
  • Select your experience with Financial Modeling (a simple yes/no will do)
  • Choose your business model (SaaS / Ecommerce / Mobile Apps)
  • Fill in your Customer Acquisition Cost, Conversion Rate & Expenses
  • That’s it

Every project you create in your Sturppy account can be shared with Investors, Stakeholders, Partners with the read-only access. The built-in AI tells you how realistic your financial model is, which varies from one business category to another.

To put it simple, with Sturppy you can simplify your financial model creation & receive more attention from the investors.


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