Tagmate – Automate Analytics & Marketing Tags On Your Website.

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What is Tagmate?

Tagmate saves development time and improves first party data quality by automating setup of analytics & marketing tags on your website with 24/7 monitoring. This product is intended for. Web Developer. Product Manager. Digital Marketing Manager.


Tagmate is a powerful SaaS product that allows you to implement and migrate analytics & marketing tags accurately and fast. Manually tracking hundreds of user interactions across websites using Google Tag Manager is quite challenging, especially when you’re short-staffed or dealing with complex codes.

Tagmate helps you automate the implementation of tracking tags (code) on your website. 

It eliminates the hassle and expense of manual tagging while allowing marketing agencies to create and manage campaigns much more efficiently.

Tagmate can help you save up to 82% of your development time when implementing tracking tags.

Critical Statistics 

  • Save up to 82% on development costs when moving from Google Universal Analytics to Google
  • Analytics 4. 
  • Your Google Universal Analytics will stop working by July 1, 2023, as per Google.

Tagmate’s Tracker for GA/GA4 Events (Chrome Extension) – The No-Brainer Feature:

Tracking user interactions on your website made easy…

  • Implementing Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4 on custom events becomes easier, faster, and more accurate with the Tagmate Chrome Extension.
  • Once you install the extension, you can simply open the website, point to the event trigger you want to track and push to GTM from the extension.
  • Tagmate Tracker works seamlessly across all platforms, including Shopify, WordPress, Custom JS, etc. All you need to do is connect your GA & GTM and you’re done.

Success Story:

AngelOne – One of the most prominent stockbrokers in India has implemented the following goals with Tagmate:


  • Reduce Human-error by automating the process.
  • Improve ROI by saving the cost of hiring an expert to perform this task.
  • Save Time by improving process efficiency, thereby reducing man-hours.


  • A simple ‘no-code” solution helps you automate the implementation of tracking tags(code) on your website.
  • Alternative to: Getelevar, GA4-Tag-migrator
  • Easy to use, supports multiple analytics and marketing platforms with 40+ pre-built templates and pixels. 
  • Free migration from Google Analytics Universal to Google Analytics 4 until 31st May 2022. 
  • Ideal for Marketing Agencies, Web Agencies, SMBs, Product Managers, Web developers, and analysts.


This deal provides lifetime access just at $90 with all above features.


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