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It uses a powerful A.I. algorithm that will scan your website and send you the best offer to send potential clients in a matter of seconds.

It’s A.I. Sales Outreach Signals work on a traffic light system:

  • Green = High probability response to your offer.
  • Yellow = Slight probability response to your offer.
  • Red = Low probability response to your offer.

About TrackingSuite:

This system helps save you time in deciding how to approach a potential client regarding Facebook Ads, Google PPC, Social Media Management, and Traffic Audits.

The easy-to-understand A.I. Outreach Signals enables you to comfortably outsource your prospecting to a Virtual Assistant or Sales team without them needing to have any digital marketing experience.

TrackingSuite also has powerful side features to empower you with your prospecting such as:

  • Capture your browsing history
  • Lead Scraper
  • Keyword Scanner
  • Email Verification
  • Skype, Zoom, and Slybroadcast integrations


  • All-in-one Website Technologies & Prospecting Tool.
  • Scrape Leads from Google & Bing.
  • Skype , Zoom & Slybroadcast Integrations Included.
  • Best for Freelancers, Agencies & Virtual Assistants.

Main Features

Build Your Team-

  • Find and build your own team to assist you with our outreach or client projects.
  • Get in contact with Freelancers and outsource your projects on Upwork- Fiverr-and

Mini – CRM-

  • Keep track of each prospect.
  • Note each interaction.
  • Bookmark websites to come back to them later.

Unlimited DFY Lead Generation-

  • Download lead lists from any industry via Google and Bing maps.
  • Export them as an Excel sheet or download them straight to the TrackingSuite CRM.

Wicked Fast Audits-

  • Get your foot in the door with potential clients by standing out and approaching them on what they NEED.
  • Scan the website wicked fast and get marketing info, social links, scan for SEO, and more!

Outreach At Your Fingertips-

  • Simply click and call the phone number on the website using our Skype – Zoom and Slybroadcast Ringless Voicemail integrations.

Keyword Planner & Scanner-

  • See what keywords your potential client is using or can potentially use. This feature is great for showing your potential clients keywords that their competitors could be using.


This deal provides lifetime access for TrackingSuite at $69 for Unlimited Website Audits & 2 users.


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