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Founded Year: 2014

Country: United States

SEO Traffic: 24

monthly Revenue(USD$): 11

Domain Authority: 30

Save Your Website From The Malware Attacks – Fix All Your Hacked Websites and Protect Them From Future Malware Attacks. Virusdie – The antivirus suite you need to protect your online business and websites.

Collect all your sites distributed across different shared, VPS and dedicated servers in one place. Fix all your hacked sites in one click. Then, protect your websites from future attacks with daily scans, automatic cleanup and a website firewall.

Learn more about Virsudie –

Virusdie has taken advanced, professional-grade site security tools and made them simple, intuitive, automatic, and cloud-based. That means you can do it all yourself. It’s really fast and easy.

  • A User-Friendly Interface – Every screen of the user interface is clear and intuitive. You won’t find yourself asking for help to use it.
  • Single Use Dashboard – All your websites, all your hosting services, and all the security tools you need are in one cloud dashboard.
  • Save Hours Every Year – Virusdie saves you three hours a week on average. Collect all your sites distributed across different shared, VPS, and dedicated servers in one place. It doesn’t matter what CMS is used: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DLE, PrestaShop, and all other popular systems are supported.

Automatically clean up malware infections, fix vulnerabilities, and protect websites from online threats, XSS attacks, SQL injections, and suspicious activity. Monitor blacklists.

Virusdie has –

– Real-time interaction with all elements
– No constant page refreshing
– A harmonious blend of simplicity and passion in the details
– Tools automatically open when you need them
– Malware descriptions and code highlighting
– Vulnerability patch management
– The safest automatic cleanup in the industry
– Real-time website protection with firewall

The three main crucial solutions that you resolve by using Virusdie are –

1. Antivirus and Firewall –

  • Remove Malware with 1 Click
  • Malware scan & cleaning panel
  • Automatic website cleanup
  • Timeline diagram
  • Malware scan & removal reports
  • Detailed malware scan & removal reports
  • Protect Sites in Seconds
  • Magic in the blink of an eye
  • Pie chart
  • Detailed traffic statistics
  • Blocked threats distribution by type
  • Detailed daily blocked IP reports

2. Blacklist Monitoring and URL Scanning –

  • Check 60+ Blacklists
  • Scan Website Pages

3. File Editor and Manager –

  • Analyze and Edit Files
  • Automatic backup
  • File Permissions
  • File Info
  • Navigate Files Easily

Pricing(Limited Flash Sale)

Initial price starting from $97.

Plan Features


  • **(Less than 40 Licenses Remaining)**
  • 25 Websites
  • Agency Account With Direct Report Sharing With Your Clients by Email
  • Mobile App For Your Clients (2022) + Access To Virusdie.Marketplace (2021)
  • Teamwork (2021)
  • Per-Site Reports & PDF-Monthly Reports
  • Automated Website Malware & Vulnerability Detection, Plus Scheduling Scanning
  • Highest Detection Rate and No False Positives
  • One-Click Automatic Malware Removal (even for the already infected sites)
  • Vulnerability Detection & Automatic Patch Management
  • Email Alerts & Blacklist Monitoring
  • External URLs Scanning
  • Complete Malware, Vulnerabilities Description, & Recommendations
  • Infected Code Highlighting and Built-in File Editor
  • Website Firewall and 24/7 Support
  • Undetected Malware Manual Investigation At No Additional Cost
  • All popular CMSs are supported: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, DLE, PrestaShop, etc.
  • Plus: Removal of Any Site From Your Service Panel So You Can Add Other Sites To Maintain
  • Non-Stackable Plan
  • 60 Days Refund Policy


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