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WordProof prepares you for next-generation SEO benefits by adding blockchain-based timestamps to your content.


  • Protect your content with timestamps to avoid a duplicate content penalty in Google.
  • Takedown copyright violators by generating infringement letters in seconds.
  • Automated, downloadable proof using mathematical algorithms and blockchain.
  • Enable trust, protect your content & prepare for next-generation SEO.

How does timestamping work? 

Timestamping is relatively simple. A timestamp lets readers know they can trust this piece of content as it has been verified and added to the blockchain.

WordProof makes it easy to timestamp your content. Use their WordPress plugin and automatically timestamp your content and make sure you can prove you were the first to publish the content. The timestamps show who published the content at which moment.

Why You Should Care About Timestamping Your Content Today

Bots and other companies are increasingly more likely of copying your content. Timestamping content provides a sense of trust for your readers.

WordProof is here to help you with the sooner you start with timestamping, the better. By starting today you can avoid getting a penalty in Google in the future for not having proof you were the original creator of the content.

Simply Activate The Plugin, Run The Set-Up Wizard And Timestamping Will Start Automatically

Just add WordProof to your site with the simple WordPress plugin, run the set-up wizard, and the timestamping will happen fully automatically.

Timestamp anything: pages, blog posts, custom post types, images, videos, documents, and more.

WordProof Will Notify You If Someone Is Copying Your Content And You Can Automatically Send A Takedown Request

WordProof detects when a bot or another company has copied your content.

You will get notified automatically and you can send a takedown request on autopilot, with proof that you were the original creator (and the first one to publish it).


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